Verdict? Pale Boundaries, by Scott Cleveland

7 Jul

The jury’s in:

Pale Boundaries is a great example of how a creative author and strong writing can bring realism to a literally out-of-this-world concept.  Realistic characters live in a world of realistic technology–Cleveland’s description of Terson Reilly’s hydrojet made me feel I knew its propulsion systems inside and out, and I don’t even drive a car.

In fact, I don’t know that I’m even comfortable calling the novel science fiction: the adventure, detail, and high-seas action puts me more in mind of Clive Cussler’s Dirk Pitt than any literary spaceman.

Reading time: One week at a leisurely summer pace (though maintaining that gets hard about halfway in, when the real action starts to build)

Recommendation: For general fiction readers, not just SF fans

Available: In both paperback and ebook form– and at the $0.99 Kindle price, readers get a major return on their money

For more commentary, see:

The more things change… (review 1)

Beyond the Pale (review 2)


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