Verdict? View, by Ed Morawksi

21 Jul

Junk science?  the Scattering thinks not, after reading the fast-paced adventure View, Air Force veteran Ed Morawksi’s novel of psychic-turned-military-spy.  Weaving in technical details, historical romance, and the twisting conspiracy expected of any top secret government project, View is an exciting science fiction drama with likeable and all-too-realistic characters in the midst of a head-spinning story.

Morawski’s style makes the novel engaging and entertaining from the start, giving us the hilariously insubordinate ex-sergeant Max Leszek as a guide through the various dimensions of both the United States government remote viewing project and the fabric of human consciousness.

Reading time: Hard to say, if only because View is extremely hard to put down.  One week or less, depending on how long you can extend your lunch break to keep the pages turning.

Recommendation: Accessible to a general, generally non-scifi audience.  This speculative novel reads like a classic adventure story with a unique spin on what Morawski calls “a tale of paranormal romance.”

View: A Tale of Paranormal Romance is available as an Amazon ebook for $5.00 as well as on plant pulp for $15.99.


2 Responses to “Verdict? View, by Ed Morawksi”


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