Now Reading: Dream War, by Stephen Prosapio

24 Jul

Just a couple weeks ago, Inception hit the big screen–flooding Facebook and Twitter with obscure, dream-related references as awestruck audiences fuzzy on exactly what had just happened left the theaters.  Something about Leonardo DiCaprio infiltrating people’s dreams and extracting information, anyway.  That was two weeks ago.

Three years ago, Stephen Prosapio’s science fiction thriller Dream War made the final five in’s 2007 “First Chapters” conference.  Dream War in it’s full form hit the presses on July 14, 2010, just two days before the U.S. Inception premiere.  From the product description on Amazon:

Decades ago, the CIA developed the technology to enter our dreams and extract information. It was just a matter of time before they took things a little too far…

1980. Hector Lopez joins a CIA enterprise capable of entering dreams and extracting information. Lopez saves hundreds of hostages’ lives by dream-linking to terrorists and foiling their plans. When the Red Brigades, an Italian terrorist group, kidnaps a US General, Lopez and his team execute every technique available for extracting information—including one that links our world to a dimension never meant to be discovered.

Present Day. The Sogno di Guerra—a Red Brigades sect—plans the slaughter of millions. And they’ve the help of Luzveyn Dred, the entity ruling the dimension the CIA inadvertently opened a portal to—the Spatium Quartus.

Aided by an aging expatriate, a recovering alcoholic, and a mysterious girl, Lopez must overcome memories of past failures and defeat evil—in this world as well as in a dimension of nightmares.

the Scattering will let you know how like or unlike Inception this oneiric novel of former fantasy football sports reporter Stephen Prosapio turns out to be.


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