Book Review Calendar! Spring 2011

28 Dec

I keep two posters taped to the walls of my notoriously spartan dorm room.  They’re both Don Quixote (By Gustav Doré and Pablo Picasso, respectively), and as I’ll tell anyone who looks at me weird, they’re a reminder to me of a man who literally went insane from reading too many books.  Although, Charlie tells me he was probably crazy to begin with.

I haven’t been jousting with any windmills (yet), but I do plan to test the limits of literary insanity this semester with a full schedule of history courses and a full calendar of indie SF book reviewing.  And since there’s no better way to keep honest and on task than sending out a public promise on the Web, here’s my book review calendar from spring 2011.*  And in the meantime, go ahead and check some of these out on Amazon or Smashwords now, and spare yourself the pain of visiting my second-tier blog again.

Namaste, and good luck,

Isabela Morales

*The reviewer reserves the right to be dishonest, off-task, irresponsible, untrustworthy, unscrupulous, untruthful, mendacious, perfidious, snarky and sarcastic at any time.  Advance apologies to all the wonderful authors who sent review copies attached to emails with such perfect netiquette.

January 2011

Rogue Hunter, by Kevis Hendrickson

Luminous and Ominous, by Noah K. Mullette-Gillman

SEAMS16, by Eric B. Thomasma

The Lancaster Rule, by T. K. Toppin


Whom God Would Destroy, by Commander Pants

The Doom Guardian, by Julie Ann Dawson

Tag, by Simon Royle

Beneath the Surface of Things, by Kevin Wallace


Space Punk, by C.E. Lange

Heroes Die Young, by T. M. Hunter

The Eye of the Storm, by William L. K.


Alpha One: The Jump Pilot, by Chris Burton

Shard Mountain, by Joe Mitchell

Velocity^2, by Lee Frey


The Venom of Vipers, by K. C. May

Ultimate Duty, by Marva Dasef

Mirai: A Promise for Tomorrow, by Scott Kinkade


Outies, by Jennifer Pournelle

The Crystal Facade, by Debra L. Martin and David W. Small

Encrypted, by Lindsay Buroker

Exchange, by Dale Cozort


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