Verdict? Rogue Hunter: Quest of the Hunter

29 Dec

Kevis Hendrickson has a winner with Zyra Zanr, bounty hunter extraordinaire and heroine of an adventure-heavy, tech-light space opera.  Clever writing without exhaustive exposition draws the reader into the story–and while it might not be hard enough SF for the genre police, Zyra’s intergalactic escapades remind me of other popular operatic sci-fi (can someone say Firefly?)  Luckily, unlike with the killed-before-its-time tv show Firefly, the Rogue Hunter series continues beyond this first book.  One reader’s happy about that, at least–our protagonist Zyra Zanr is a complex character, and if there’s something Hendrickson particularly excels at, it’s characterization.

"ZYRA ZANR, ROGUE HUNTER" © 2009 by Snafu964

Reading Time: At 200+ pages, I’d say 2+ weeks.

Recommendation: I won’t be suggesting this book to my friends in the computer science department, but for the casual SF reader, there’s always room for another entertaining space opera.

Rogue Hunter: Quest of the Hunter (and sequels) are available as ebooks on Amazon for $0.99 each (unless you want to splurge for the DRM-free $2.99 edition)



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