Next Up: The Doom Guardian, by Julie Ann Dawson

19 Feb

From the virtual back cover:

For centuries, the Spirit Wall has protected the world from the terrible powers of the undead god Vagruth. But now the Spirit Wall has begun to crumble, and with it the only thing preventing the world from becoming overrun by undead hordes. Nadia Gareth knows all too well the evils that lurk in the hearts of the Vagruth’s minions, the Necromancers.

Nadia walks the land as a dhampir, a cursed thing trapped between the worlds of the living and the dead as a result of the Necromancers’ vile experiments. Yet her curse also gives her the strength she needs to combat the forces that seek to turn everything around her into an undead waste.

But this is one fight that may be too much for her to handle alone. Darseidon Stonecleaver survived the War of Reckoning, and now journeys to the Mouth of Chaos to retrieve the Chaos Diamond, the one thing powerful enough to save the Spirit Wall from destruction. As he enters his Twilight, the aging dwarf knows it isn’t a matter of if he will die, but when. He can only hope to complete his last mission before it is too late.

Nigel Stormthorn just wants to escape town with his stolen gems, but finds himself caught up in events that may determine the fate of the world. As his survival instincts wage war against his meddlesome empathy, he discovers that perhaps his gems are of less value than the secret that resides within him.

I’ll admit–I had to scan that twice before I could get all the Capitalized High Fantasy Terms straight.  But once I’ve finished Whom God Would Destroy, next up on the to-read list is Julie Ann Dawson’s epic fantasy novel The Doom Guardian.  With heroes flaunting names like Darseidson Stonecleaver and Nigel Stormthorn gadding about on quests with dwarves, necromancers, and their ghoulish girls, the summary gives us a glimpse into all the things one would expect from a fantasy novel.  But I’m spending such a lot of time in gender history classes this semester that I can’t help but pick up speculative fiction featuring leading ladies.

A couple months ago, I positively devoured Jonathan L. Howard’s novels Johannes Cabal the Necromancer, and Johannes Cabal the Detective.  Not high fantasy by any means–nor really science fiction–but they gave me a taste for necromancy.  And while I know I’m breaking my own rules here, in Howard’s hands, I actually don’t mind vampires.  So Nadia Gareth being a necromantic dhampir (in Balkan folklore, the spawn of a vampire father and human mother), as much as it sounds like the pedigree of the horrible horrible Renesmee Cullen of Twilight fame (*shudder*), I’m going to read this book.

If you can judge a Kindle book by it’s cover, after all, Nadia Gareth looks pretty badass.


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