Just Out! Peace Army, by Steven L. Hawk (Book 2, Peace Warrior Trilogy)

17 Apr

Last December, I reviewed Peace Warrior, a military SF novel by author Steven L. Hawk.  It was good.  Really good.  Which is why I’m thrilled to announce that the second installment is live on Amazon… right now.

A full review of Peace Army is forthcoming, but since I’m “booked up” for a few months already, I just wanted to get a quick plug up for Hawk’s second novel.  I don’t generally like to count my reptiloid alien eggs before they hatch, but Peace Warrior was such a fantastic, fast-paced read that I thought I’d start getting the word out.  When I get the official Peace Army review up, I’ll let you know if Hawk has a stunning sequel or a sophomore slump, but until then, enjoy the book blurb:

It’s been six years since Grant Justice was brought back to life to help the Peaceful citizens of Earth defeat the Minith. Life should be good. The Minith are gone. Grant now has a loving wife and a remarkable son. He is a hero to the society that once shunned him. But Grant hasn’t been taking life easy. He’s been recruiting fighters away from Peace. He’s been cobbling together an army from the dregs of society and training them to fight. Which is a good thing, because another alien Mothership is headed their way. It will reach Earth in less than a week.

Grant and his forces have been preparing for this day. They must be the… Peace Army.

For those who are interested, here are the links to my two prior reviews of Peace Warrior:

I’m with Team Human

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One Response to “Just Out! Peace Army, by Steven L. Hawk (Book 2, Peace Warrior Trilogy)”

  1. Paul Lehman April 17, 2011 at 12:28 pm #

    Sweet! Can’t wait to dive into book two!

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