The Cyber War is On (now reading: Joe is Online)

21 Apr

Remember back in December, when anonymous “hacktivists” rallied in defense of their online master, the notorious Julian Assange of Wikileaks fame?  As astonishing as that was, and as sensationalistic as the news reports were, the skirmish ended too soon for the DDoS attacks to be the cyber-war everyone seemed to be predicting.  But for those who were disappointed by the anticlimax, Chris Wimpress brings Joe is Online, an impressive and original story about our future shadowy overlords: kids who grew up hacking into school computers.  Here’s the book blurb:

A story told entirely through emails, blogs, chatroom logs, websites and diary entries. A world where anyone could be a terrorist.

Joseph Brady is not a normal 11 year-old. The brightest kid in his school, but also the worst-behaved. His teachers despair and can’t control him. They place him in isolation in the artroom at lunchtimes. It doesn’t take Joe long to work out how to use the artroom computer.

In 1997 Joe finds a way of getting the artroom computer online. Twenty years later, he’ll be conducting highly co-ordinated terrorist attacks, beginning in the online world, but very quickly spreading into the offline world.

Nobody can trace their source until a quiet, shy professor in terrorism called Penelope Hunt discovers a link to Joe. She finds herself sucked into a conspiracy which transcends race and religion. With only a radical tele-atheist to help her, Penny decides to shut down Joe’s activities, placing her own life in grave danger in the process.

Review forthcoming.  But for now, Joe is Online as an ebook on Amazon.


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