10 cent stories (up next: A Dime for My Thoughts, by Noriko Tasaki)

23 Apr

Greek short story writer Noriko Tasaki recently was kind enough to send me a review copy of her collection A Dime for My Thoughts–ten stories for ten cents each (the ebook’s $1 at Amazon).  That’s a deal by any account (see what I did there?), and from what I’ve already read, Tasaki’s work is nothing less than stunning.

The book was only published this past March, so hopefully Tasaki will be getting some well-deserved attention in the near future.  This isn’t my usual science fiction fare, but it’s a pure literary pleasure.    I’ll have a full review up soon, but until then: A Dime for My Thoughts on Amazon.

And here’s her brief bio from Amazon:

noriko tasaki was born in a city you will probably not know, in a country you probably think is consisted of islands, recession and fat people(Greece). She grew up filling pages and pages of journals, bellieving that volume is what makes something epic. She studied agronomy and ecology but proved to be allergic to plants and became a copywriter. Sick and tired of detergent-clean happy endings, she decided to gather what was left of her cynisism and write ten short stories in English, hoping she’s used past perfect in the correct way.
she wishes she was Woody Allen, as they share the same grades of myopia.
she wishes she played the clarinet, in order to have one more thing in common.

she wishes she stopped using third-person singular to talk about herself.
I wish you’d all give a dime for my thoughts…


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