Insert Punk Here (coming soon: Space Punk, by C.E. Lange)

30 Apr

Steampunk and cyberpunk get most of the attention these days, but SF author C.E. Lange promises a new subgenre with his novel Space Punk:

“Space Punk: One is space opera, adventure, science fiction, action, violence, vulgarity, and beautiful girls, all wrapped up into 15 chapters. The novel was inspired by an old PC game, early space opera pulp works, and spiced up with some R-rated action. What more could you ask for? This is not hard science fiction, this is space opera. This is Space Punk!”

And from the book description:

Apparently, in the future, we all go the Michael Jackson route--get super pale and lose our noses. Or is that leprosy? I'm sorry, that's uncalled-for.

Zane Abrahm drinks, chases women, has a heart but doesn’t use it, learns fast, and is a hell of a pilot, but he’s a horrible bounty hunter. He does it anyway, it’s the only life he’s ever known, and after three failed attempts to handcuff Victor Motisi, his world gets turned upside down and sent on an alcohol-fueled rampage across the galaxy.

Politician Sydney Metis thinks he’s playing both sides of the field by bringing Victor and a fleet of warships together in battle for his own gain, but no one can figure out who is playing who in this space adventure.

And that’s really not the half of it. Zane’s crazy pill-popping punk ex-girlfriend just found a way back into his life, and just when he fell for another chick. Of all the stupid scenarios that could have changed his life forever, the one that befalls him is a black hole of his own making, pulling him further in with each wrong decision. Guys wish they had the problems Zane Abrahm has. Zane wishes those other guys had them.

Review forthcoming, and until then, here’s Space Punk on Amazon–because, as you know, I don’t plug any other booksellers (Nook owners are so lame).


One Response to “Insert Punk Here (coming soon: Space Punk, by C.E. Lange)”

  1. Frida Fantastic May 2, 2011 at 1:20 am #

    I actually like the stylized silhouettes on the cover, it’s a bit distinctive and gives it a graphic novel feel. But the cover + the description makes me want to re-watch Cowboy Bebop. I have no idea if that helps or harms this particular indie author!

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