My Two Cents (review: A Dime for My Thoughts? by noriko tasaki)

26 May

Two months ago, when Greek writer noriko tasaki sent me a copy of her self-published short story collection A Dime for My Thoughts, she wrote this: “Since I’m not native it’s really important to know whether my first attempt to write in English is a suicidal one.”

Finally I can tell her (and all her potential readers), it’s anything but.

The ten stories in A Dime for My Thoughts are flawlessly written (tasaki has a better grasp of the subjunctive than some… most native speakers), but their appeal goes far beyond good grammar.  noriko tasaki’s writing is smart, sophisticated, darkly funny, sometimes disturbing and always original.  This isn’t the normal science fiction/fantasy fare I review, but grab a copy of tasaki’s collection and you’ll understand why I couldn’t pass on her short stories–they’re nothing less than literary.

The collection is structured as a story a day, ten pieces for ten cents each (the ebook is $1 well spent).  “Tuesday, March 1st,” the opening story, gave me chills, and “Wednesday” made me tear up a little.

Recommendation: Is it just me, or the short story format coming back?  It’s a great way for an indie author highlight her talent in varied formats, and tasaki is master of them all.  A Dime for My Thoughts is poignant, passionate, sorrowful and funny all at once.

Availability: A Dime for My Thoughts is $1.00 as an ebook on Amazon–and I promise, tasaki’s thoughts are worth much more than ten cents.  If you’re skeptical, try a free sample first, but really brother, can’t you spare a dime?

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