Indie Index

(Alphabetical by Author)


Bedtime Stories for the Apocalypse, by Joel Arnold (review 1, final verdict)


The Gender Divide, by David Boultbee (review 1, final verdict)


Pale Boundaries, by Scott Cleveland (review 1, review 2, final verdict)


The Doom Guardian, by Julie Ann Dawson (review)

Blood Orbit, by John Derderian (review 1, final verdict)


Kidnapped, by Maria Hammarblad (review 1, final verdict)

Touch of the Goddess, by Maria Hammarblad (review 1, final verdict)

Peace Warrior, by Steven L. Hawk (review 1, final verdict)

Rogue Hunter: Quest of the Hunter, by Kevis Hendrickson (review 1, final verdict)


Space Punk, by C.E. Lange (review)


The Quest for Nobility, by Debra L. Martin and David W. Small (review 1, final verdict)

How to Succeed in Evil, by Patrick E. McLean (review)

View, by Ed Morawski (review 1, final verdict)

The White Hairs, by Noah K. Mullette-Gillman (review 1, final verdict)

Luminous and Ominous, by Noah K. Mullette-Gillman (review 1, final verdict)


Whom God Would Destroy, by Commander Pants (review 1, final verdict)

The Proximian, by Dennis Phillips (review 1, author response, final verdict)

Dream War, by Stephen Prosapio (review 1, final verdict)


Tag, by Simon Royle (review 1, final verdict)


“Isobel,” by Darren Scothern (review)


A Dime for My Thoughts? by noriko tasaki (review)

SEAMS16: A New Home, by Eric B. Thomasma (review 1, final verdict)

The Scientific Method: A Wandering Koala Tale, by Jeff Thomason (review)

The Lancaster Rule, by T.K. Toppin (review 1, final verdict)

The List, by Kris Truitt (review)


Beneath the Surface of Things, by Kevin Wallis (review)

Joe is Online, by Chris Wimpress (review)


Miscorrection: Sunrise and Miscorrection: Arrogation, by B. C. Young (review)

Miscorrection: Felix Culpa, by B. C. Young (review)


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    Do you review by request?

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